Our Story



Valle del Maro

The Valle del Maro is in the upper part of the Valle Impero, one of the Valleys in the western Liguria and in 5 Valli (Cinque Valle). The Maro is in the middle of a historic trail system that connects the Po Valley and Piedmont with Genoa and Provence in France. It was a primary place of the “culture of exchange” typical of the Ligurian Alps. The different cultural influences met in the heart of western Liguria: ideas and technical experience. The Valle del Maro is a space of “Civilization Crossing” and everything is reflected in the kitchen.

The place

Sottane is a agriturismo with a strong vocation in contact with nature. It’s located in the countryside, among olive trees, semi-wild animals and a sacred pillar which still retains a holy image on wood. The place is “soprano” than Borgomaro, but “sottano” than Candeasco. The latter fraction has a powerful story that departs from being the first Roman colonization in Liguria. Two thousand years of heroic agriculture and work with stone, as to be the place of origin of the families of architects and plasterers Marvaldi and Melissano.

the people

Brigitte is very special, but not the only one. There is also Laura, the daughter. Both have a Mediterranean blood in the veins. It is true in a hinterland area west of Liguria. But a wind of the sea reach into the valley. A wind from Marseille, Provence, very energetic. It is reflected in the creativity of the dishes and the desire to pursue a small world, populated by animals and nature. Laura, such as Brigitte, take care of and respect the kitchen.

Credits: Alessandro Giacobbe